Fort Huachuca Schools & Courses

Military Intelligence Schools and Training Courses

– Fort Huachuca is the primary Military Intelligence (MI) installation for Army training of soldiers, non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, and officers within the MI Corps.  The Army post trains tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines on an annual basis as one of the major Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) installations in the United States.  Each course may have their own lodging recommendations on or off post in Sierra Vista.  Some of the courses offered on Fort Huachuca are a PCS Move (Permanent Change of Station), and some of them are a TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment).

TDY Assignment or PCS Re-assignment?

PCS Moves authorize Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) and some moving allowances and PCS moves generally last 1-3 years.  TDY assignments are generally less than 6 months, and authorize per diem for lodging and meals in addition to BAH for the home station (TDY is a much more advantageous assignment status to have because it authorizes the traveler a higher amount of travel funds for temporary lodging in addition for the allowance to pay for housing at the home station).  Military orders should state the assignment status.

Fort Huachuca Schools and Military Intelligence Courses

The Military Intelligence Army post is the largest training center for MI service members in the entire United States.  It’s somewhat remote location and open training area make it a useful training area for all intelligence and signal disciplines, as well as the UAV training center located on the West end of Fort Huachuca near Black Tower.  Fort Huachuca is a Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Army installation.  Below are some of the MI courses offered on Fort Huachuca by type of training, collection method, or discipline:

  • AIT –Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is not authorized to reside off post, unless the service member is a Military Occupational Specialty-Trained (MOS-T) soldier who is re-classing to another MOS (which may authorize off post lodging in some circumstances)
  • BIC – Basic Installer Course (a Signal Course)
  • CISAC – Counter Intelligence Special Agent’s Course
  • DSDC – (Strategic Debriefing Course -or A.K.A.- STRAT-B)
  • HT-JCOE – HUMINT Training – Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE)
  • IMAC – Intelligence Master Analyst (IMAC) Course
  • JAICC – Joint Analyst-Interrogator Collaboration Course
  • JHOC – Joint HUMINT Officers Course Fort Huachuca
  • JICC – Joint Interrogation Certification Course
  • MIBOLC – Military Intelligence Officer’s Basic Course
  • MICCC – Military Intelligence Officer’s Captains Career Course & Reserve Captains Career Course
  • RC-12 Guardrail – Army Fixed Wing Aviation Transition Course
  • UAS & UAV – 150U, Instructor, Operator, & Maintainer Courses
  • WIC – Weapons Intelligence Course
  • WOAC -Warrant Officer’s Advanced Course
  • WOBC – Warrant Officer’s Basic Course

For a full list of Fort Huachuca Schools and Courses, be sure to contact your S-3 Schools NCO or check out the full course listing on ATTRS – Army Training Requirements and Resources System.

Have we missed a course?  Please Let us Know and we’ll add it!

Other Fort Huachuca Assignments

Below are some of the many other assignments on Fort Huachuca that we cater to:

  • Border Patrol- Bisbee, Douglas, Naco, & Nogales
  • Garrison Headquarters – Fort Huachuca Garrison including JAG, IG, IMCOM, EPG, etc.
  • JITC – Joint Interoperability Test Command (under DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency)
  • NETCOM – Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)/9th Army Signal Command
  • Signal Command – Kelly Ops and the 11th Signal Command
  • U.S. Forest Service – Coronado National Memorial

Military Intelligence AOC, WMOS, & MOS/ASI Specialties & Courses

Commissioned officers are categorized by an area of concentration (AOC), Enlisted soldiers are classified by a military occupational specialty (MOS), and Warrant officers are classified by the warrant officer military occupational specialty (WOMOS) designation.    The following is a complete list of Military Intelligence AOC, MOS, & WMOS specialties:

Military Intelligence Officers:
35C – Imagery Intelligence
35D – All Source Intelligence
35E – Counterintelligence
35F – Human Intelligence
35G – Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare

Military Intelligence Enlisted Personnel:
35F – Intelligence Analyst
35G – Imagery Analyst
35L – Counterintelligence Agent
35M – Human Intelligence Collector
35N – Signals Intelligence Analyst
35P – Cryptologic Linguist
35S – Signals Collector/Analyst
35T – Systems Maintainer/Integrator
35X – Senior Sergeant/Chief Intelligence Sgt
35Y – Chief Counter Intel/Human Intel Sgt
35Z – Signals Intel (Electronic Warfare)

Military Intelligence Warrant Officers:
350F – All Source Intelligence Technician
350G – Imagery Intelligence Technician
350Z – Attaché Technician
351L – Counterintelligence Agent
351M – Human Intelligence Collection Tech
351Y – Area Intelligence Technician
352N – Signal Intelligence Analysis Tech
352P – Voice Intercept Technician
352S – Signal Collection Technician
353T – IEW Systems Maintenance Tech

Intelligence Disciplines:
HUMINT – Human
GEOINT – Geospatial
MASINT – Measurement & Signature
OSINT – Open Source
SIGINT – Signals
TECHINT – Technical
FININT – Financial