FY 2016 Per Diem Rates

Federal GSA Per Diem Rates by Location

The GSA (Government Services Administration)establishes all per diem rates within the Continental United States. The U.S. State Department establishes official per diem rates for foreign travel locations, and the DTMO (Defense Travel Management Office) sets all government-wide rates for OCONUS non foreign locations, e.g., AK, HI and US Territories. Use the per diem rate calculator below to check athorized rates for your location.
Per Diem Rates are established to provide a standard reimbursement rate for official government travel.  Per diem travel rates are set by the United States Federal Government.  The rate is generally broken down into a  lodging allowance, and a separate meals and incidentals rate.  The lodging expense is reimbursed up to a maximum amount (a waiver may be available in a high cost location requiring a cost of living adjustment – COLA), and meals when authorized, are generally reimbursed at a flat rate regardless of the amount spent on food.

2016-2017 Per Diem Rates Query

Locate official rates using the Per Diem Rate Query Search box below.  Rates are set each fiscal year, effective on October 1st. Find the most current rates in the continental United States (“CONUS Rates”) by searching below with city and state (or ZIP code):

FY 2016-2017 DoD Per Diem Rate Query Calculator

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Fiscal Year (FY) Per Diem Rate Increases & Decreases

Per Diem Lodging Rates, and the Meals and Incidentals rate are set annually by the General Services Administration (GSA), and they reset every fiscal year on October 1st.  In order to save the Federal government money, each year the GSA will adjust rates in each TDY (Temporary Duty) travel location or major metropolitan area. Official Per Diem Rates may increase, decrease, or not change at all based on the General Services Administration’s findings which are conducted throughout the year based on local lodging rates charged by hotels, furnished apartments, or corporate housing companies.  Any change in the authorized lodging and meals rate (or their decision to keep rates the same) is based on a survey conducted by the federal government which canvasses rates in every major city/metro region, and local town near military installations.  Adjustments are posted just prior to the start of the Federal Government Fiscal Year which resets annually on October 1st.  For the current allowances authorized by DFAS and the federal government travel schedule be sure to check the official GSA Per Diem Rates prior to embarking on an assignment.

Military Installation Rates

Per Diem Rates vary by military installation, and are based on the local area surrounding each Army post, Navy base, Air Force base, or Marine Corps installation.  Over the years the per diem rate for each local installation has fluctuated based on demand for hotels, apartments, and housing, and each fiscal year it usually changes by several dollars.  Every military service branch follows the same per diem allowance, and the most current rates can be found on the GSA per diem website.  For more information on lodging allowances check out the TDY Lodging information page on official Federal Per Diem Rates which covers GSA allowances.

CONUS (Continental U.S.) Locations by City

CONUS Per Diem Rates vary by city.  Every city and metropolitan area will have a unique per diem rate for lodging and meals.  Depending on the city and the available hotel/lodging inventory, the per diem rate can even fluctuate throughout the year especially in highly traveled tourist locations.  Popular travel destinations like Tampa Florida, or Tucson Arizona, are usually more likely to have a lodging rate change several times throughout the year because of an influx of winter or summer travelers which affect local hotel and lodging rates.  Generally travel locations with a steady supply of travelers will have the same rate throughout the entire year, and will not be subject to seasonal adjustments.