Military Relocation

Military Housing – TDY Travel & PCS Re-Assignments

TDY Stay specializes in military relocation and the short term lodging needs of travelers on military assignment orders.  Our furnished rentals are a convenient and cost effective solution for travelers in need of a house, apartment, or condo for several weeks or months in duration.  Whether traveling on Temporary Duty (TDY) orders or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) re-assignment orders we have options available to make your move as comfortable and as easy as possible.  You can rest assured that all of our rentals come fully furnished with linens and housewares, and all utilities included.

TDY Assignments & Short Term Relocation

Military travelers on a temporary duty status may be pleased to find that our short term rentals often rent at the per diem rate.  Many of our furnished properties have a minimum stay of 30 nights and are geared primarily for military personnel on TDY orders.  Our rentals come fully equipped and are move in ready.  Whether traveling as a single occupant, with family, or as a group of travelers, we have a variety of options including Furnished Apartment Rentals and featured Short Term House Rentals which can be rented for single occupancy or group travel.

Military PCS Moves & Long Term Relocation

All of our furnished rentals are primarily rented for stays of 30-180 days.  Military Personnel may find our rentals to be a convenient temporary place to stay while house hunting, looking for a long term apartment to lease, or if waiting to close on the purchase of a home shortly after arriving at a new duty station.  For military personnel in need of a furnished rental under these circumstances, TDY Stay has options available.  Our selection of furnished apartments, condos, and house rentals make any transition much easier than a hotel, and best of all, our rentals offer privacy and space while you get settled in to your new assignment.

Permissive TDY, Dislocation Allowance, Temporary Lodging Allowance

Permissive TDY is generally granted to military personnel upon arrival at a new duty station, or for military retirees preparing to leave active  duty and relocate to another area.  While on permissive TDY, depending on the branch of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard), the military member may receive a Dislocation Allowance (DLA) base on their rank to offset the cost of moving a household, as well as a Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA).  The military members TLA authorization may vary by branch of service, but generally lasts around 10 days and is intended for short term lodging expenses while house or apartment hunting, or while awaiting post housing on the military base.

Per Diem Allowances while TDY

Military and government travelers on temporary duty orders may be authorized to receive a Per Diem Allowance for Lodging, and a separate authorization for meals and incidentals.  Actual lodging expenses must be claimed for domestic travel, and a valid receipt showing the total amount paid to the lodging provider must be submitted with the travel claim on the service members (DD) Form 1351-2 Travel Voucher.  Meals and Incidentals are generally reimbursed at a standard fixed rate regardless of how much the military member has spent on food, therefore a service member could technically “make money” by eating on a budget under the meals allowance.

Preparing for a Military Relocation

Reporting to a new duty station whether for a short term TDY assignment or for a permanent change of station n PCS orders can be a stressful and daunting experience.  Relocation is a normal part of life for all military service members, and for many Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and government contract employees.  As military service members know, relocating is a big event with many physical and emotional challenges.  A lot of factors come into play including travel expenses, separation from family members, and getting to know a new chain of command as well as all of the new responsibilities and expectations of the new job whether traveling for a just a few days for a meeting, or for several months for a school.

Military Relocation Checklist

A few things to consider…Before embarking on your new assignment:

•    Auto Maintenance (change oil-check tires)
•    Notify Landlord -or- housing office
•    Postal Change of Address
•    Hand-carry Medical & Dental records
•    Family Needs – plan ahead
•    Store Valuables
•    Give Relative your travel schedule
•    Pet Travel Requirements

Make a Lodging Reservation for your new Assignment

We’ll provide you with lodging options for your assignment to our featured DoD Travel Locations. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your new assignment, and look forward to providing you with the highest quality of furnished temporary lodging.  Request availability through our Contact Us page.