MICCC Fort Huachuca

MI Captain’s Career Course at Fort Huachuca

The Military Intelligence Captain’s Career (MICCC) course on Fort Huachuca is a 20 week long course which falls under the direction and guidance of USAIC (US Army Intelligence Center). Currently the MICCC is run by the 304th Military Intelligence Battalion, which falls under the 111th MI Brigade which is a TRADOC (Training & Doctrine Command) unit.

MICCC Attendance Requirements

Career Military Intelligence Army officers will at some point be required to attend the MICCC while either a First Lieutenant promotable (1LT P) or as a Junior Captain (CPT). Attendance at the MICCC is usually completed prior to Company Command, although occasionally officers will go to the school as a senior Captain. The Career Course functions much like the MIBOLC (MI Basic Officer Leader’s Course), another one of the core Fort Huachuca MI Schools, which is required to be branch qualified at that rank. The MICCC like other Captain career courses, includes training specific to an officer’s branch. MI officers are expected to perform tasks ranging from intelligence preparation of the battlespace (IPB) to war-gaming and implementing MDMP (the Military Decision Making Process).

Is the Career Course a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Move or TDY?

Currently Active Duty MI Captains are required to PCS to Fort Huachuca for the duration of the 5.5 month assignment. Because the career course is a PCS move and the officer will only draw BAH for Fort Huachuca (only one location), some students will bring their family, while others decide to rent one of our Furnished Apartments in Sierra Vista for 6 months, or officers attending the course may choose to stay in one of our Furnished TDY Housingrentals with classmates.  If you’re unsure whether your assignment is a PCS or a TDY, be sure to check out our PCS Move Entitlements & Benefits page for additional information on short term travel and permanent re-assignments.

Active Duty Service Obligation – ADSO for the MICCC

The MICCC is like most Army schools in that because it requires a PCS move, there is an Active Duty Service Obligation. AR 350–100 specifically states: “officers who complete certain formal education or training programs, undergo a PCS, or certain promotions incur an ADSO.” Current Captains Career Course requirements are a one year ADSO post graduation, which can be served concurrently with a PCS move to another military installation. Certain Joint positions (for example CENTCOM or SOCOM, or an Air Force or Navy assignment) may or may not incur an additional service obligation.  All MI branched officers can generally expect to be assigned to either a maneuver battalion, company command, or a staff position upon completion of the career course and any additional schooling.

Military Intel Officer Assignments post-MICCC

CONUS and OCONUS assignments after the Captain’s Career Course are levied by the Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) Branch Manager at PERSCOM and are based on an OML (order of merit list) as determined by the course evaluation, past performance, and personal preferences of the officer.  MICCC graduates can expect to be sent to a key developmental (KD) assignments including a Battalion S2, MICO Command, BCT A/S2 or S2X/electronic attack officer, ACE (Analysis and control element officer), a Collection manager/targeting officer/watch officer, a training or support Company or detachment command, JRTC or NTC or a CTC observer/controller (OC), MI transition team advisor in a combat situation (either foreign nation TT), Developmental branch specific assignments will provide captains with exposure to the Army and in some cases, to JIIM organizations.

Reserve MI Captain’s Career Course – RC-MICCC

The Reserve MICCC at Fort Huachuca for National Guard and Reserve personnel is generally a TDY assignment lasting about a month long. The Army Intelligence Knowledge Network (IKN) Portal offers several distance learning courses as a pre-requisite for the MICCC. The RC-MICCC completion certificates do not offer any Army correspondence course credit for retirement points.

The RC-MICCC is broken down into four phases. Currently Phases I and III are long Distance Learning through the IKN portal, and Phases II and IV are resident courses requiring TDY travel which last 2 weeks each at Fort Huachuca. If traveling to the Reserve Component MICCC and requiring a furnished rental, be sure to check out all of our rentals which currently rent at GSA Per Diem Rates.

Military Intel Areas of Concentration (AOC) under ISR Branch

All of the following areas of concentration are offered through the Fort Huachuca Schools operated by UASAIC under the guidance of TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command). The following schools can generally be taken either before or after the MICCC provided that the follow on assignment necessitates the additional skills identifier (ASI) and training.

CI 35E-counter intelligence
HUMINT 35F-human intelligence
IMINT 35C-imagery intelligence
MASINT 35D (all source) -measurement and signature intelligence
OSINT 35D (all source) -open-source intelligence
SIGINT 35G-signal intelligence