TDY Stay ~ Availability, Rates, & Lodging Options

Thanks for visiting TDY Stay!   We’re here for your short term travel needs.  Our selection of furnished apartments and smaller houses can be rented within the per diem rate, and some of our larger house rentals offer an attractive accommodation for groups of military members or contracting companies looking to stay in one location.  Our apartments and house rentals offer a lot more space and amenities than a small hotel room.  We’re the perfect solution for travel lasting 30 nights or longer.

Stay at the Per Diem Rate
We know that you’re on a travel budget.  TDY Stay is familiar with the government per diem travel schedule and we’ll work with you to assess your needs and provide suitable accommodations.  We have several options available to fit your travel budget whether traveling on Temporary Duty (TDY) orders on a Government Per Diem Allowance, or if traveling as a government contractor or civilian on federal travel orders.  We have lodging options available for single occupancy, families, or groups of travelers.


Single Occupancy / Family Travel
Stay in our furnished apartments or a select one of our 2 bedroom homes at the per diem rate.  Advanced reservations are highly recommended.  Enjoy the amenities of a backyard, garage, and plenty of space and privacy.  Our furnished apartments and smaller houses are often the first to rent.  On occasion we will have last minute availability due to a cancellation or because of increased seasonal inventory during slower months, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us for reservation information.


Traveling with Classmates or a Group?
Stay in one of our large 3 or 4 bedroom homes at the per diem lodging rate.  Our larger homes are a great alternative for longer assignments, where living in a one room hotel with a microwave and mini-fridge for months at a time is often not the preferred option.  Our house rentals come with a washer & dryer, a garage, and a backyard area for grilling and entertaining family and friends.  For group reservations and rates, check out all of our fully furnished and all inclusive TDY House Rentals for your next assignment.


Check out our Furnished House Rentals
Our furnished single family homes offer a great lodging solution for short term travelers seeking an alternative to staying in a hotel or extended stay.  We include all utilities, cable, Internet, and housekeeping.  Our houses have full offices and living space, and large kitchen and dining areas as well as a backyard area for entertaining or hosting a social gathering with classmates or co-workers.  Choose from a wide variety of houses ranging from 2-4 bedrooms which are available at family and group rates.


Browse our Furnished Apartments
Take a look at our all inclusive fully furnished apartments with a large pool, clubhouse, and jacuzzi spa.  We have covered parking and all utilities, cable, Internet, weekly housekeeping, and a bi-weekly linen service are all included.  Stay within the per diem lodging rate, which means no out of pocket cost for travelers on Temporary Duty (TDY) orders form military or government travel.  Browse our furnished apartments today or choose from a wide selection of our available properties by TDY Stay.